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Welcome to the website of the Llandudno Christadelphians.

The Christadelphians are a worldwide body of Christians who were established about 150 years ago and who place their beliefs wholly on the Bible. The name 'Christadelphians' is taken from the Greek and means 'brothers and sisters in Christ'.
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Here in Llandudno we meet every Sunday and Thursday at our Hall on Mostyn Broadway (LL30 1YL). See below for details of our meetings and directions to our hall.

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Llandudno Christadelphians - Welcome

There is only one true God. He dwells in heaven, immortal and invisible and all powerful. (Isaiah 45 v 5-6; 1 Timothy 1 v 17)

God created the entire universe and has a great purpose for the world. (Genesis 1;Nehemiah 9 v 6; Revelation 4 v 11)

The Bible is the inspired word of God given by Him to benefit mankind. (2 Timothy 3 v 16; 2 Peter 1 v 20-21)

The Holy Spirit is the power of God which maintains all life. (Job 33 v 4; Psalm 139 v 7to 12)

Jesus Christ is the Son of: God (a divine being), and Mary (a human being) . (Luke 1 v 35; Romans 1 v 3-4)

Jesus overcame all temptation and died to save his followers from sin and death. (Romans 10 v 9-13; 1 Timothy 1 v 15-16)

Jesus was raised from death by God. Later he ascended into heaven but he will return to be king. (Acts 2 v 22-27; 1 v 11)

The Old Testament prophets predicted a time when there will be a king (Jesus) over the restored Kingdom of God in Israel and over the whole world. (Isaiah 9 v 6-7; Zechariah 14 v 9)

Our selfish desires cause us to rebel against God (or sin). (Mark 7 v 20 to 23; James 1 v 14 and 15)

When we die we cease to exist. The only hope of life is by resurrection at Christ's return. (Ecclesiastes 9 v 5-6; 1 Thessalonians 4 v 16; Romans 5 v 21)

To be saved from eternal death, a person needs to repent and be baptised into Jesus by full immersion in water then follow a Godly way of life. (Mark 16 v 15-16; Romans 6 v 4)

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